Channel Islands

An idyllic archipelago with a whole lot to offer, our cherished Channel Islands boast the best of both worlds with their fabulous French climate and blissful British charm. Think swoon-worthy scenery, fascinating nature and twee little fishing-towns. These sun-soaked stepping stones are the solution to your stay-cation vs. vacation quandary.

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Although the UK Channel Islands are found off of the coast of Normandy, France they are in actuality part of the United Kingdom. The UK Channel Islands include the large Guernsey, as well as Alderney, Jersey and the smaller island of Sark. There are also a number of other smaller islands included in the UK Channel Islands, both inhabited and not inhabited.

Channel Island attractions include the Guernsey Museum the Guernsey Saint Peter Port, the Guernsey Library and more. In general, the islands are home to an enormous amount of history.  Getting around the islands is easy and the popular way is to hop on the local ferries.

The warm Gulf of St Malo ensures subtropical plants and an incredible array of birdlife. The Channel Islands enjoy sunnier days and milder winters than the UK, attracting walkers and outdoorsy types for surfing, kayaking, coasteering and diving. Superb local seafood graces the tables of local restaurants in the culture hubs of St Helier (Guernsey) and St Peter Port (Jersey).

Numerous forts and castles dot the coastlines, while poignant museums – some housed in old war tunnels and bunkers – provide an insight into the islanders’ fortitude during WWII.

With the world-class sandy beaches, cobbled streets and shaded country lanes, the channel Islands will keep you busy for quite some time.

Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands and is a great place to use as your base to explore both Jersey and the other islands. The flattest of the Channel Islands is Guernsey where the bike is a popular mode of transport. Then there is the Tiny, traffic-free Herm which is a favourite with day trippers. The island of Sark feels like a step back in time and finally the remotest of the Channel Islands Alderney.

Weather in Channel Islands

The Channel Islands has a temperate maritime climate with typically warm rather than hot summers and cool to cold winters. Channel Islands rarely experiences very extreme weather meaning Channel Islands can be visited throughout the year. The hottest month in Channel Islands is July when the average maximum temperature is 20°, average temperature is 17° and average minimum temperature is 14°. The coolest month in Channel Islands is February when the average maximum temperature is 8°, average temperature is 6° and average minimum temperature is 5°.

Flight Information

Flight duration approx. 1 hour from mainland UK.


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